About Us

Education is defined differently by different people. The motto of the school is "Let Your Light Shine". S.B.S. College has been a light house in this area. It is the endeavors of school to form individuals go out like the shining lights and radiate the light and dispel the darkness /evil in the Society. We here,at Modern Public School, give equal importance both to academic and co-curricular activities with a special emphasis on character formation,guiding and molding them to become honest,sincere,hardworking,responsible citizens of our great country. To make learning easy, Modern Public School has introduced digitally aided classrooms.

We believe that if we neglect the character formation of our students , a time may come we may become a nation without character. It is rightly said the future of our country is shaped in our classrooms. It is our primary duty to see that the future of our country is in safe hands.

SBS College